Following our email from last week regarding updates to the JobKeeper rules, the ATO have now provided new information for businesses to comply with the scheme’s reporting requirements.

If your business is intending to enrol and receive the wage reimbursement for the JobKeeper fortnights in April, you must:

  • Make sure you have paid your eligible employees a minimum of $1,500 by 8 May 2020 for each relevant fortnight to be able to claim JobKeeper payments for April. The first two ATO JobKeeper fortnights in April are:
    -30 March to 12 April
    -13 April to 26 April
  • Make sure you have enrolled for JobKeeper by 31 May 2020 if you intend to claim for wages paid for JobKeeper fortnights in April and May.
  • As part of the enrolment process, your business has to provide each eligible employee with the linked Employee nomination notice within 7 days of enrolling for the JobKeeper scheme. For employers who enrolled prior to 1 May 2020, this requirement needs to have been met by 8 May 2020.

You can enrol for JobKeeper on the ATO Business Portal. If you do not have access to the ATO Business Portal then we encourage you to register.

Once you have enrolled, you will need to complete step 2 and step 3 as outlined below. These steps are required to be completed by every business.

Before you start

  • Make sure your eligibility requirements are met and you have enrolled
  • You will need the name, tax file number (TFN) and date of birth details for additional eligible employees and the eligible business participant.
  • Know your GST turnover for this month and projected for next month.

Important: You cannot save the form while you are working on it and you cannot edit it once it is submitted. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you have all the information you need.


Step 1 – Enrol

If you have already enrolled then you will not need to complete this step.

If you have not enrolled then you can do so using the ATO Business Portal.

Step 2 - Identify and maintain your eligible employees

  • All eligible employers enrolled in the JobKeeper scheme need to lodge an application with the ATO identifying their eligible employees and eligible business participant they would like to claim the JobKeeper payment for.
  • You need to make you include all employees who are eligible or have the potential to be eligible for JobKeeper in the coming months.
  • You only need to notify the ATO of eligible employees and eligible business participant once.

Depending on your current payroll and software setup, this can be one in one of the following ways.

  1. If you have STP enabled payroll software that your use to report your JobKeeper and payroll information:
    1. Update each eligible employee in your payroll software.

After updating each employee you will be required to lodge a pay event through your payroll software. If you require assistance in this matter, please speak to your software provider.

  1. Log in to ATO Online services using myGov, or the Business Portal (using myGovID).

View the COVID-19 screen and click select “Identify”.

  • Identify and maintain your eligible employees and business participant
  • select the month you are claiming for,
  • confirm details of your eligible business participant (if any),
  • confirm the fortnights you are claiming,
  • Confirm details of your eligible employees and the fortnights you are claiming. This should be prefilled already for you given you have lodged an STP pay event in March 2020.
  • Check the number is correct or edit the number to reflect the correct number of eligible employees for each JobKeeper fortnight and
    1. Use the Print friendly function to capture your successful JobKeeper application details in PDF format for your records.
    2. You need to make any changes to eligible employees in your software.

Please refer to below link for more information:

Manually create a JobKeeper allowance in your STP enabled payroll software and lodge a pay report to the ATO using your software. Speak to your software provider to find out how to do this.

  1. If you are not using STP software to report your JobKeeper and payroll information

You can use any one of the following methods and listed steps:

You can ask the ATO for a prefilled JobKeeper report using the Business Portal File transfer functionality.

  1. You will need to identify your eligible employees in this report. You then return the report to ATO by uploading it through the Business Portal File transfer function.
  2. Check the number is correct or edit the number to reflect the correct number of eligible employees for each JobKeeper fortnight.
  1. You can download and use the following to produce your own JobKeeper report and then return the report to the ATO by uploading it through the Business Portal File transfer function:
  2. JobKeeper Payment Guide – For instructions 
  3. Sample payload file– For you to complete; and 
  4. An example file – for your reference 
  • For each of these two manual options:
  1. Allow three days for the report to process.
  • Then log into ATO online services through myGov, or log into the Business Portal using myGovID:
  1. If you have an eligible business participant details, confirm your eligible business participant details and select their status.
  2. Confirm your number of eligible employees
  3. The number of eligible employees is prefilled based on your lodged JobKeeper report.
  • Check the number is correct or edit the number to reflect the correct number of eligible employees for each JobKeeper fortnight.
  • You make future changes to eligible employees by uploading JobKeeper reports using File transfer.

Note regarding your initial lodgement of business Monthly declaration

  • You only need to both Step 2 and 3 together in the very first period you identify your eligible employees and business participant.
  • Going forward, you will only be required to complete step 3 and lodge a business monthly declaration at end of each month.

Step 3 – Making a business monthly declaration

The ATO have advised that they will make JobKeeper reimbursements to employers in arrears following the end of each month.

To assist with verifying this information and as part of your ongoing compliance with the JobKeeper program, the ATO requires each eligible business entity to report information through a declaration end of each month:

To make your declaration each month, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to the Business Portal using myGovID or MyGov account for sole traders
  2. View the COVD-19 screen and select Step 3 – Business monthly declaration for JobKeeper payment
  • Provide your business' current turnover for the month just ended and projected GST turnover for subsequent month.
  1. Reconfirm your eligible business participants.
  2. Reconfirm your eligible employees
  3. Reconfirm your contact and financial institution details for receiving JobKeeper payments.
  • Use the Print friendly function to capture your successful JobKeeper monthly declaration in PDF format for your records.

A few key things to note:

  • The purpose of the monthly declaration is for ATO to collect data on how business are tracking during the period they receive the JobKeeper payment.
  • The above information will also be only be used by ATO to verify any changes in your eligible employees or confirm those who have left your employment.
  • Once you have enrolled for JobKeeper, you do not have to retest each month to in order to continue to receive this payment.
  • The monthly declaration will not have any impact on your eligibility for JobKeeper for subsequent fortnights, and it is not a retest of your decline in turnover and is purely

For detailed step by step guidance relative to your business and payroll system status, please refer to the below linked JobKeeper guides on the ATO website:

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Last updated 08/05/2020.