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Government online services explained

The Federal Government (including the ATO) has several online applications, platforms and services which have been developed for those who wish to login and access their personal and business information directly. Each of these online applications serve a different purpose and working out which ones you may need can become confusing!

Please note that while these services are available to you directly, we are still here, as your accountant, to act on your behalf and liaise with the ATO for you if preferred.

If you would like to access any of this information directly yourself, we’ve provided a simplified explanation for each relevant online service below.

myGov (not to be confused with myGovID!) is the online service which allows you to login and access all your relevant government services. It can be the home for your access to Centrelink, your personal ATO profile (including individuals and sole traders) and Medicare.

For more info on myGov and how it may relate to you, please click here for more info.

myGovID (not to be confused with MyGov!) is considered your “digital identity” to prove who you are online. It’s like the 100 point ID check (passport, Medicare card, licence) but it sits on your smart device. Once you have MyGovID you can use it to identify yourself and log in to participating online services such as the MyGov platform, Unique Student Identifier (USI) Student Portal, Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) – (we’ll get to that), the Business Portal and even the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment! For a full list of services you can access using myGovID, you can visit “where to use it” here.

Connecting your myGovID to your myGov account
You can also connect your myGovID to your myGov account and start using it as your sign-in to myGov. This is optional however and you can choose to disconnect at any time or continue signing in with your regular myGov sign in. Please click here for further info. 

Online services for business
Online services for business has replaced the Business portal as the new platform to manage your online ATO requirements. You will need this if you would like to directly access ATO information and tasks relating to any trading companies, trusts, self- managed super funds or partnerships. (Sole traders can simply use the myGov service)

Online services for business is the platform for conducting your online ATO requirements directly such as; lodging your activity statements, viewing STP reports, updating business details, registering for GST or PAYG, lodging various forms online and more.
Please note this platform is only required if you would like to complete these requirements yourself. We are available to do these on your behalf if preferred.

To login, you require a myGovID (as above) and a Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) (more info below)

Online services for business
Online Services for business is now available for use in a “public beta testing phase” which means you can use it and provide feedback on the service to ensure it meets your needs. Just like the Busines Portal, you will also need a myGovID (more info above) and Relationship Authorisation Manage (RAM) (more info below) More info on the Online services for business can be found here.

Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)
Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) is an authorisation service that allows you to act on behalf of a business online when you link it with your myGovID. To do so, you need to be the person responsible for the business or someone who acts on behalf of the business. You use your myGov ID and RAM to login to either the Business Portal or Online services for business. More info can be found here.

We hope this information assists in clarifying which services you may need! If you’re still unsure please feel free to contact us.

Last updated 16/11/21