Last year, the RSPCA rescued 33,535 animals who were suffering mistreatment, neglect or abuse. This sickening statistic makes animal advocates everywhere fight all the harder to support the RSPCA in their ongoing crusade for animal rights.

Monday, 20 August was the official RSPCA Cupcake Day in support of the protection of our furry (feathered, scaled!) friends.  

There are so many proud pet owners here at West Carr & Harvey with all animal lovers fervently baking in preparation for Monday’s event to show their support and make a difference.   

A big ‘Thank you’ goes to Monika Orokity for coordinating another fantastic event this year, encouraging all staff to get into the kitchen and bake up a sugary storm. The event also featured a cutest pet competition with every owner believing their ‘baby’ should have won!

Outside the special fundraising event, you can continue to help this hardworking organisation in other ways, including volunteering your time and donating financially whenever you can.

Sadly, there are 135,000 abandoned animals who come through the RSPCA shelter doors every year. If you are in a position to provide a forever-home to one of these lost souls, now is the time to open your life to a new best friend.

Please visit for more information about how you can continue to help.