Life is busy and let’s be honest, taking the time for self-care can be last on our to-do list. Often the impact of workplace stress can go unnoticed until it’s too late.

7,140 Australians are compensated for work related mental health conditions per year.*

Stress can also impact on families. How many of us have allowed stress and work pressures to affect our relationships, causing arguments with your partner or even yelling at the kids?

As a result, our client Andy Fox was inspired to start the “Heart Mind Project” through the provision of what is called the “Resilience Advantage Program”. This program is based on more than 20 years of peer-reviewed research and is proven at a corporate and military level. It has been implemented by the US Navy, Hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies.

It’s a business with a mission to help every person to live life from their heart.

Andy believes living from the heart allows you to access the “Power of the Heart” though a range of techniques which create “coherence”. This is the synchronising of the heart and the mind, with a goal to achieve clearer inspired thinking, a reduction of stress, creation of emotional resilience and a significant improvement in your quality of life indicators.

Through the delivery of the “Resilience Advantage Program” Andy believes the Heart Mind Project can assist you to synchronise your heart and mind through a range of scientifically proven techniques. The goal? Clearer, more inspired thinking, a reduction of stress, enhanced emotional resilience and an improvement in the quality of life for yourself and your employees.

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*Source: The claims data has been sourced from Safe Work Australia’s National Data Set for Compensation-based Statistics (NDS), which is compiled based on workers’ compensation data provided annually by each of the jurisdictional workers’ compensation authorities.