As some of us tiptoe with tentative optimism into 2021, we can be reassured by the growing confidence within our region that there are better times ahead. 

The message that we continue to hear around the region lately is this; that despite everything, there are some real positive outlooks for the Greater Geelong business community. We recently spoke with several Geelong business people to get their perspective.

The Geelong Localised platform, which is an online business community and directory developed for the G21 region reported on some surprisingly positive statistics for 2020.

“Throughout 2020, Localised saw significant growth in our local business community, with many local experts sharing great educational content for businesses with common themes of wellbeing, planning, vision and connection.” Theo Williams, CEO, Localised said.

Theo believes 2020 has taught us all how to adapt and plan for a better future.

“The Geelong region is on the verge of amazing post-COVID regrowth and this will be driven by our connected business community. If last year has taught us anything, it is that we need to be able to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape. In my opinion, 2021 should be the first year of a brand new business plan; finding local experts to help plan, prepare and adjust for a successful 5-10 years growth.”

Buxton Real Estate
The real estate market in particular is reflective of the growth of our region during this period.

Ben Riddle, from Buxton Real Estate said, “The last few months especially since Christmas has seen some of the fastest moving pricing in the past decade. Especially under the $1 million price point.”

Ben believes that a combination of record low interest rates, government investment including incentives, grants and stamp duty reduction has fuelled the affordable price range across Geelong to incredibly competitive levels.

Ben is confident that the increased popularity of Geelong as a destination to live and invest will naturally lead to great outcomes for our business community.

“There has been a steady supply of people relocating to Geelong and surrounds along with a stream of investors now buying investment properties which shows the renewed attention of Geelong as great place of commerce and future success.”

The Times News Group
Warick Brown, Managing Director of The Times News Group felt that 2020 strengthened the community’s desire for ready access to information.  

“It would come as no surprise that 2020 was an important year for news services. Getting up to date information out to the community in a timely fashion became paramount. As such, we used this time to launch an additional newspaper, specific to the Geelong market to broaden our audience and ensure people had access to free and reliable information when it counted most.” Warick said.

Warick believes that the continuing growth of our region will ensure positive outcomes for our business community. “Across our news services we have a great deal of contact with a variety of businesses in the region. While 2020 has well and truly served up its quota of challenges to the business market, there has been and continues to be optimism for the community. The population continues to grow and our readership reflects this. As more people join our region, so too do the opportunities for local businesses.”

West Carr & Harvey
Our purpose at West Carr & Harvey throughout 2020 was to assist our clients and community as much as possible to adjust, sustain and maintain throughout the constant climate of change.

David McDonald, Director, West Carr & Harvey said,

“There’s no disputing that 2020 was a challenging year for many. However, throughout the challenges we witnessed the incredible hard work, resilience and determination of our clients and community. I think we can all continue to build confidence that our collective hard work will pay off for a stronger 2021.”

David believes West Carr & Harvey can now look towards helping businesses begin to thrive again in our new environment.

“We look forward to helping businesses succeed. This may come in many forms; building on what you know, exploring a diversified business offering or taking on a new business model entirely.”  

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