Industry Sectors

We service a vast array of business clients from a variety of industries. We offer specialist expertise in many areas including primary production, the medical profession, building development and construction, digital services, professional services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and tourism.

  • Primary production
  • Medical, dental and allied health professionals
  • Building development and construction
  • Digital services
  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and tourism

Primary production

Our agricultural and farming clients are an important part of our region and our firm. We understand that this particular industry requires a lot of nerve, knowledge and expertise. We also know it can be demanding and volatile but incredibly rewarding. We have watched small family farms grow into large commercial ventures through taking calculated risks and well thought out plans. We have also seen the impact of droughts, a drop in milk prices and severe storms. As a result we have assisted clients to manage success and plan for recovery when necessary.

We have assisted clients with the process of approval for farm concessional loans and other unique opportunities. You can put your trust in us to navigate you through the financial farming landscape.

Medical professionals

As a leading provider of accounting services to the medical industry across the Geelong region, we understand what it takes to achieve financial health for your medical practice. We understand the drastic financial changes which occur in your career as you transition from intern to resident, registrar and beyond. We are well versed in assisting medical practitioners throughout their career growth and understand what is necessary in relation to asset protection and tax management in a medical practice.

Dental and allied health professionals

Our dental and allied health clients cover a vast area of Geelong and provide a range of services including physiotherapy, osteopathy, myotherapy, podiatry, optometry and other complementary health services. Our team of experts have worked extensively in these areas providing accounting and business advice.

Building development and construction

We look after some of Geelong’s most well established businesses in the building and construction field. We understand what it is to start from the ground up and establish a successful business. We also know the challenge you may feel when balancing supply orders while managing your client invoicing process. We have strategies and means to help streamline processes and eliminate the need to juggle.

Digital services

Both the startups and the well established businesses in digital services are now required to be highly competitive with the changing landscape and digital disruption society is challenged with on a daily basis. Software, web and application developers form a strong cohort within our client base. We have the knowledge and understanding to ensure your business puts its best foot forward in digital services.

Professional services

As professional service providers ourselves, our relationship with you is about working together to provide the best outcomes for our shared interests and clients. We provide support to insurance professionals, legal practitioners, financial planners and other complementary services across the wider Geelong region. We rely on each other to provide the best services to each other and our clients and also understand what’s important to you in your business.


West Carr & Harvey has a strong history with some of the region’s leading manufacturers and we pride ourselves on the partnerships we have shared over the years. Geelong’s manufacturing business is vital to the growth of our community and we are passionate about supporting the unique needs this business type requires.


Some of our great client success stories have born from retail businesses in our region. We are exceptionally proud of the business growth our retail clients have achieved. Our rich history of successful retail partnerships stands us in good stead to understand and advise on what makes a truly good business model in this area.

Hospitality and tourism

Our region is a true destination location for travellers, tourists, day visits and families. Whether it be accommodation, restaurants, wineries, hotels or unique experiences, we have a solid understanding and knowledge of your individual business needs and what we can do to help.