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Waving goodbye to AUSkey and setting up your MyGovID

What’s changing?
As of 27 March 2020, AUSkey will no longer be available to login to the ATO Business Portal.

What do I need to do?
To login to the ATO Business Portal you will now need to set up a MyGovID. To start, please download the MyGovID app on your smart phone or tablet from your app store and follow the steps for identifying yourself (it must be done on a device first, not your PC)

It is recommended to use a personal email rather than business email for MyGov ID. This will help to ensure your login is transferable across businesses.

Here is a helpful link with instructions on getting setup: https://www.mygovid.gov.au/how-do-i-get-set-up

What next?
Once your MyGovID has been set up an eligible associate needs to link the business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

Who is an eligible associate?
An eligible associate is an authorised person in the business who is one of the following:

  • Sole trader
  • Trustee (if the Trustee is a company you will need to call ATO to manually connect)
  • Director
  • Public Officer
  • Partner

Please note that an employee or bookkeeper are not an eligible associate and are not able to link the business in RAM.

Connecting your MyGovID to RAM
Once you have identified an eligible associate they can link your business to RAM via https://info.authorisationmanager.gov.au/
To do this, log in using your MyGovID, click “link business” and follow the prompts.

Here is a video explaining further. https://publish.viostream.com/play/bd1bdiuni9z7zg

If the business isn’t listed in the eligible associate’s RAM, you will need to contact the ATO to be added manually. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • phone 1300 287 539 and select option 3
  • you’ll need to provide personal details to complete a proof-of-identity check
  • checks will be completed to confirm your association to the business
  • once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with an authorisation code and summary of the authorisation request
  • log into RAM using your myGovID to accept the request and complete the link.

Now that all of the above steps have been completed, you can authorise others to act on behalf of the business, for example a bookkeeper or employee. https://info.authorisationmanager.gov.au/set-up-authorisations

Please note, each person who you authorise needs their own individual MyGovIDs to log in and use the business portal. You can continue to manage user access using these methods to either add others or cancel access if required.

Accepting Authorisations
These authorised parties then need to accept the authorisation by following the steps on the email they receive. Further information on how to do so can be found here: https://publish.viostream.com/play/bd1bdiuni9z7zf