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Marketing & Communications Manager
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Automated ATO communications

We now have a new process for managing your correspondence from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

This means that all communication from the ATO will be sent to you via an email which will look like this:
From: West Carr & Harvey <noreply@ipracticehub.com> [mailto:hub.ddslive.centre@ddslive.com.au]

For security purposes, an SMS will also be sent to your mobile phone number from “WC&H” which will include a secure Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN will be required to unlock and access the correspondence.

This new process of automating communications from the ATO will improve security of documents and personal information emailed to you, increase efficiencies, and assist you in managing your ATO requirements.

The first piece of communication you will receive in this manner will be your Notice of Assessment. Please keep an eye out for it and rest assured that it is legitimate and secure.

Please follow the ATO directions in the correspondence as indicated, however if you would like any assistance or have any questions about the process please feel free to contact us.