Business valuation services

Our valuation experts are renowned in the industry for their knowledge and technical expertise, delivering complex findings in a simple and concise translation. With over 20 years’ experience providing valuation support, our team regularly provide reports required for hearings at the Family Law Court and Federal Circuit Court.

  • Business valuations
  • Commercial transactions
  • Family law valuations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Expert witness appearances if required

Our team are highly capable in the preparation and delivery of business valuation reports for business valuation assessments, evidence for family law and commercial transactions.

Commercial transactions

When purchasing or selling a business, a valuation of the business will be necessary to identify market value and satisfy potential buyers’ interest. Our valuation team work in partnership with you to compile and provide an accurate report for buying or selling purposes. This process provides a vital verification of trust in the transaction and helps to plan for a smooth future.

Legal proceedings around separations and divorce can have a large impact on family owned businesses.  Often a valuation of the business and associated entities will be required as part of the divorce settlement. Our team can prepare and provide valuations for family lawyers to ensure both parties have full disclosure of the financial situation and possible outcomes.

In order to satisfy the interests of all parties involved in a merger or acquisition, we are often required to provide a valuation of the business/es in question. In particular, the restructure of a business will require a tax based valuation to ensure all future implications of the new venture are accounted for. We specialise in business structuring and tax valuations for these purposes and can assist you through the process.

The integrity of our valuation and litigation team can be trusted to appear in court as expert witnesses if required. The information we provide can be relied upon in legal proceedings and our team are experienced and confident in this environment.

Before entering into a large transaction or business decision, you may engage us to undertake a due diligence process to ensure your business goals align with your prospects. Due diligence includes a risk and viability assessment of the venture in question including legal, insurance and other compliance considerations. It can also be a contractual obligation. Ultimately, by engaging us to undertake your due diligence process, you can trust that you are armed with all the information necessary to make an informed decision about your future.