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How well do you know your accountant?

When you think about your relationship with your accountant what thoughts immediately come to mind? Sharp haircuts? Your tax? An abacus? How to best manage your finances?
Well yes, that is an accurate description of who we are and what we offer. However, you may not realise there are many other things that we can help you with.
As business advisors we can do much more than that.

Looking to invest in property? Perhaps you want to buy your first rental. Or perhaps you’ve purchased your second home and you’re wondering if you should sell your first home, or rent it out. We can advise you on what will be the most financially beneficial option based on your circumstances.

Looking to diversify your business? Perhaps you want to branch out? Test a new product in the market? Or maybe you’re looking for a side hustle? If you talk to us first, we can bring some ideas to the table that you may not have previously considered.

Got a new business idea? We can tell you if it’s a potentially successful idea or an ordinary one! We will be very honest! You may be surprised to know what we have in our knowledge arsenal… From children’s clothing lines to setting up a medical practice or even finding a way to turn a truck into an accommodation space, we have pretty much seen it all. If you ask us before you leap, you may save yourself a lot of heartache and be better equipped to launch the right idea at the right time.

Want to retire? Planning ahead so you can enjoy your grey nomad years is important. There are many things to consider – pensions aren’t always the best plan, transitioning to retirement in a gradual process can be financially beneficial and knowing you have a contingency plan in place for the unknown are all things to consider.

Considering your relationship status? We’re not kidding. If you’re thinking about getting married, or you think your marriage might have run its course, we are here to help you consider your financial options. While we can’t help you make your relationship decisions, we can tell you what you need to be aware of and help you find the right professional support networks as you plan for your future.

Want to start a business partnership… or get out of one? This can be rewarding or dangerous both emotionally and financially. Ensuring you have the right planning in place beforehand is vital. This is where we do some of our best work – be sure to contact us before making these kinds of decisions.

Want to expand your business? Business growth is awesome. But it needs to be managed carefully. While your structure may have been appropriate when you were starting out, if you are fortunate enough to be experiencing significant growth, it’s important to review your situation and business structure to ensure it’s in line with the direction you are headed.

This is just brief view of the many ways we can help you with some of the bigger things in life and business. Ultimately – if you’re ever unsure, please give us a call, we can tell you if and how we can help.