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Avoiding “Phishing” emails – cyber safety

In the interest of keeping you as cyber safe as possible, we would like to suggest the following reminders and recommendations from our IT team.

Please be on high alert for phishing emails (emails impersonating individuals to acquire personal info).

We ask that you please monitor your communications for anything that may seem suspicious.

Warning signs to look out for include:

  • An email with an address appearing to come from us which is misspelt for example: “info@westcarharvey.com” please note the missing r in Carr and the absence of the .au (the correct format would be info@westcarrharvey.com.au) please ensure the spelling and domain is correct for any emails you receive from us eg. “name@westcarrharvey.com.au”
  • An email coming from a non-approved platform requesting you to pay money. (Our approved platforms are FuseSign, SmartDocs and CAS360).
    Emails which are delivered to you via our approved platforms should appear like this:
    – Fusesign emails will appear as noreply@fusesign.com
    – SmartDocs emails will appear as atodocs@westcarrharvey.com.au
    – ASIC related lodgements will appear as West Carr & Harvey Pty Ltd no-reply@cas360.com.au

Again, please always check the spelling of these email addresses carefully before responding.

If you are concerned about the validity of any communication you receive from us, please feel free to contact us directly by phone on 03 5222 4522.