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Senior Manager
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Proof of ID now required for new clients

There has been a new recommendation from The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) which requires any new clients to an accounting firm to provide proof of identification.

This has been put in place to help protect the clients and the firm from becoming victims of identity crime or data breaches.

As a result, West Carr & Harvey will be looking to verify all new client’s proof of identity before providing any services.

This includes new clients who are:

  • Individuals
  • Individuals (with a representative)
  • Non-individuals (I.e. all company directors / trustees)

We will provide the details required to all new clients or representatives when they engage us for services.

Obviously if you are an existing client, this will not be required, however if you are a client who wishes to add a new individual, trustee or director to your existing family group, the new parties will still need to provide the required form/s of ID.

For a list of forms of ID required along with additional info regarding this change, please download the tax practitioner’s board factsheet here.

If you have any questions about this requirement, please feel free to contact us.